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November 2016

November 30. Late snowfall, about an inch.
Elk on the golf courses. Crescent moon.

November 29. Clear and quite cold.

November 28. Monday. Light powder overnight.
Holiday lights at full intensity.

November 27. First real snowfall of season.
2" on valley floor. Snowcover begins.

November 26. Saturday. More sun, cold.

November 25. Black Friday. Cloudy day.
Return from Boise. Smoked turkey.
Doctor Strange.

November 24. Thanksgiving Day..
Lifts open at River Run. Pies and ham.
Travel to Boise.

Blanketing Autumn

November 23. Light snow at dawn.
Bowl of Soul
November 22. Clear and colder.
Pecan and Pumpkin Pies. Bowl of Soul.

November 21. 3rd frost-free cloudy day.
Buying smoked turkeys. Cottontails take cover..

November 20. Sunday Cloudy. No frost.
Elk on the highway, watch out.

November 19. Mostly cloudy. No frost overnight.
Hanging holiday lights.

Snow Guns
November 18. Coldest day yet, with wind.
Resort furiously making snow.

November 16. Clearly cool.
Leonids fall. Raccoons scrounge.
Snowflakes pending.

Moon and Hound
November 15. Rain turning to snow.
Snowmaking begins.

Rabbitbrush in November
November 14. Clouds, then rain..
Beaver Moon. Foxes returning.  Cattlemen visiting.

November 13. Fair,  mild for 6th day. Cloudy late.
Supermoon. Owls and magpies. Widespread protests.

Hear the magpie cries
November 9. Fair and mild again. Heavy frost.
Paper day. Cottontails. 
Post election fear and loathing.
S began therapy for frozen shoulder.

November 8. Fair and mild all day. Light frost.
Election Day. Elk on valley floor. Slack.

Waxing Gibbous

Crop Failure
Crop Failure
 Remember the yard signs
That sprout before elections
And wither in the aftermath?
This year's scarce crop
Suffers from too long a season
And excessive manure.
~ November 6, 2016

All Hallows Eve
Baldy View
The mountain is there,
and not because you see it.


Stoneware Serving Plate
Stoneware Serving Plate
Handmade in Sun Valley

Greetings from Idaho Poster
Greetings from Idaho Poster

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Farmer's Market Online