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December 2016

December 31. Saturday. Clear, calm and cold. 

December 30. Clear and cold.
Plumbing issues. Home for the Holidays.

December 29. Clearing and mild.
Perfect day for skiing.

December 28. Cloudy.
Another long wait for bus that never comes.

December 27. Tuesday. Final day of 5th winter storm.
B returns to Boise.
Local bus service cancelled.

December 26. Heavy snow, inch by inch.
Parking lots full, restaurants packed.

December 25. Christmas. Sunny afternoon.

Listening to Snow
December 24. Final day of 4th winter storm.
Christmas Eve gifting.
Pumpkin bars..
December 23. Heavy snow. 8+" 
B home for Christmas.

December 21. Solstice. Sunny.
Longest and coldest night.

December 20. Another snowfalll, 2-4"
Remember winters past
December 19. Warmer, more snow.
More visitors. skiers..

Deccember 18. Sunday. 2nd sub-zero day.
Magpies in distress. Hibernation weather.

December 17. 2nd sub-zero spell, 1st day..
Clear and very cold.  Tree Lighting at resort.

December 16. 3rd day of snow, ended at noon.
Sunbreak! Winter Wonderland. More shoveling.

December 15. Thursday. Snowing all day long.
Avalanches. 12" crowns on parked cars.
Geminids obscured.

.December 14. Partly sunny, mild, then snow.
3rd snow storm of season. Dump.
Winter Moon behind heavy cloud cover.

December 13. Tuesday.
S birthday. Sawtooth Club. Lucia Day.

December 11. Sunday. Clear, calm and cold.

December 10. 3rd day of snowfall.
Heavier snow, driveways blocked with icy mounds.

December 9. Steady snow, light.  6"
Warmer air, slushy roads.
More ski runs opening.

December 8. Clear morning, snowy afternoon.
First big snowstorm.

December 7. Clear and frigid.
Pearl Harbor Day. 3rd subzero night.
Waxing gibbous moon. Chickadees.

December 6. Even colder. 2nd subzero night.

December 5. Clear and very cold.
Icy roads. Skiers. Gloves.
Subzero comes early. Cold Hardening.

December 4. Steady snow all day.
Snowcover has settled in. Great Horned Owls.
Shoveling snow.

Baldy View
December 3. Clear and cold.
Waxing crescent moon.

December 2. Clear and cold.
Skiers return. Snowmakers progress.

December 1. Snow flurries early and late.
Snow plows return.

Baldy View
The mountain is there,
and not because you see it.


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Stoneware Serving Plate
Handmade in Sun Valley

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