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March 20.
Clear lanes and receding snowpack
March 4. Saturday.
Cold with snow flurries, then warm and sunny.
A change of seasons

March 3. Friday.
Mostly sunny and cold.
Snowcover at 4 feet, drifts 6, snow storage 10 or more.

Listen to winter

February 10. Friday.
Snow Moon obscured by cloud cover.
76th day of snowcover.

February 9. Storm ends.
6" of new snow followed by steady rain.
Avalanche danger, Lifts closed.

February 5. Super Bowl Sunday.
Warming, melting flooding, snowing again.

February 4. More wet snow.

February 2. 10th winter storm of season.
Heavy wet snow.
On this Groundhog (Marmot) Day the sun did not shine.

Sun Valley Lodge
January 22. 9th winter storm.

January 21. Sunny.

January 20. Light snow, mild.
The Pio.

January 19. Storm ends with 4" more.
 storage problems. Orthodox Epiphany.

January 18. Wednesday.
8th winter storm begins with 6" snow.

Roast Turkey with Swiss on Rye
January 17. Big Wood Bread.
5th consecutive sunny day.
52nd day of snowcover. Crowds have thinned.

January 16. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
A little warmer, more sun.
25 minutes more daylight since solstice.
Expect another winter storm in 2 days.

January 15. Day 3 of 4th cold spell. Sunny.

Hear the Booms
January 14. Day 2 of 4th cold spell.
Clear and calm. Blue, blue skies.

January 13. Friday the 13th.

January 12. Wolf Moon rises in clearing skies.

January 11. Final day of 7th winter storm.

January 10. Another 8" of snow.

January 9.  More snow. No sunbreaks.

January 8. A foot of new snow.

January 5. Clear and frigid. 3rd sub-zero spell.
Too cold for skiing.

January 4. More snow. Slushy and wet.
Roads in bad shape. City plows wait until storm ends.

January 3. 6th winter storm.

January 2. Monday. Federal holiday.
Cloud cover moderates cold.
Thick traffic, crowded shops and diners.
SRO in some places, others closed for the day.

January 1. New Year's DayClear, calm and cold.

Baldy View
The mountain is there,
and not because you see it.


Stoneware Serving Plate
Stoneware Serving Plate
Handmade in Sun Valley

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Greetings from Idaho Poster

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